He’s blessed with monstrous vocal ability, easily slipping from a throaty tenor to a delightful falsetto at a drop of a hat, but technique never takes away from his superb compositions.
— N. Rama Lohan, The Star Media Group (Kuala Lumpur)
Hameer Zawawi is the rarest of artists who possesses a truly unique sound; For someone whose songs are inspired by video games they are surprisingly poetic and even soothing.
— “Plug Out The Machines” review by Evan Ginzburg, Village Connection Radio

Metal music: Malaysian musician sings of machines (BROOKLYN)

A Bushwick rocker who recently arrived from Malaysia will belt out tunes about zombies and machines run amok on Nov. 3 at a Greenpoint concert celebrating the release of his latest album. Singer and songwriter Hameer Zawawi says that his record “Plug Out Your Machines,” which came out on Oct. 15, is a steampunk fable about taking back the world from machines and over-polluted landscapes — but anyone who feels beaten down can relate to it.

Stingray Body Art presents The Underbelly on WEMF: 10.19.17 w/ Hameer Zawawi (BOSton)

HAMEER Zawawi gets interviewed by DAve Crespo at the "The Underbelly" on WEMF Radio about his music and new EP. Hameer also performs 2 songs from the EP live on air.

HAMEER ZAWAWI: Plug in to his fantastical upcoming EP! (Kuala Lumpur)

FAR, far away from home and now based in New York City; is KL born and bred Hameer Zawawi. After an extensive journey where he toured through Europe and in the US, Hameer puts together a three-piece EP entitled “Plug Out The Machines” that had two tracks produced by NYC-based Recording Artists Development (RAD) and a track that was produced..

The Evan Ginzburg Show - Village Connection Radio (Long Island)

HAMEER Zawawi talks to Evan Ginzburg about his recent travels to New York City, as well as of his upcoming EP "Plug Out The Machines".

Indie Theatrical-Folk Singer Hameer Zawawi is Inspired by Video Games (Brooklyn)

INDIE Theatrical-Folk singer-songwriter Hameer Zawawi hails from the vibrant-multicultural city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His songs are mainly inspired by video games, featuring fantasy-like lyrics and epic melodies that depict vast worlds and environments seen within the confines of his small bedroom and backyard. sounds like what could’ve been an Assassin’s Creed OST, but much better than the actual game and film. The Persian-like influences create this grandeur, cinematic atmosphere that really reels in the listener into this captivating world.
— "Plug Out The Machines" review by Daisy Sunshine, The Daily Seni
Think Tim Burton-esque dark, ironic and funny musings about zombies and Diablo 3. Reckless and ballsy in the vocal lines he attempts, Hameer actually has the chops to back up the dramatic and dynamic acrobatics he writes for himself.
— Reza Salleh, Founder of Moonshine Productions (Kuala Lumpur)

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